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Skelleyworks is based in Kitsap county and Bainbridge Island.  We take pride in ourselves by providing quality work with a variety of services that are related to natural landscape development, excavation endeavors and septic installations in our area. 

Environmentally Friendly

By creating bioswales, we preserve our natural wet lands and surface water quality. By installing pervious pavers we allow water to perk back into the ground and avoid storm water issues. By leaving as much natural vegetation on a site as practical, we lesson the risk of erosion. By burning cleaner fuel, such as Biodiesel, we emit less carbon into our air we breathe. By installing oil water separators in catch basins we protect water quality. These principles are necessary in providing a healthy habitat for fish, birds, wild life, clean water for us to drink and cleaner air for us to breathe.

We offer free estimates on all of our services, which is extensive. 

We welcome the opportunity to serve your needs. 

Shane and Lisa Skelley





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