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Rock wallsranging in height from 4' to 16' are our specialty



Services - Rock Walls

From 2' to 16' tall, we’ve got you covered. The rock walls we build are strong and beautiful. Engineered rock walls ranging in height from 4' to 16' are our specialty.

Skelley Works has built about 5 miles of rock wall in and around Kitsap County. Most of our walls are built using Basalt (cooled lava) from shine quarry. Crushed rock back fill and 4" drain pipe are essential. We utilize a special rock grapple attached to the end of an excavator, rather than a bucket and thumb. This allows us to build the walls faster while paying closer attention to detail such as reveal, consistency, line and strength.

Toeing in the wall and achieving the proper batter and critical components to the longevity of the wall.

Bulkheads and seawalls constructed per engineered drawings.


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